Glide launches GAIA Drafting Assistant to help writers and reporters create content faster

By: Glide Press Office, 10 November 2023

GAIA Drafting Assistant helps writers and publishers make their content much quicker.

Create content faster and take time out of the publishing process to focus on what your audiences value higher.

Following closely from the first roll-out of GAIA, Glide's AI Assistant for writers and publishers, we announce the release of GAIA Drafting Assistant which gives a massive boost in creating content and publishing articles.

GAIA Drafting Assistant brings AI right to the heart of the article creation phase of the workflow, giving real-time help with the legwork that can slow content production to a crawl. 

It assists writers in cutting unproductive time to a minimum as their always-ready helper right where they need it, when they need it.

You need to know some information, and sort it into a list? Get Drafting Assistant to do it. 

You want to find some historical stats and compare them with today? Get Drafting Assistant to do it.

You want to turn your phrase into Spanish? Haz que Drafting Assistant lo haga.

Glide CPO Richard Fairbairn explained: "Every article is built up of fragments of knowledge and content, and Drafting Assistant will be by your side in the article screen to help get the info you need in the form you want, as quick as you can ask for it, when you need it.

"Countless times when reporting I needed to lay hands on what you'd call low-value and well circulated information vital to building the picture of an event but not itself something unique that needed a reporter to discover.

"Speed matters when you're creating breaking news. Word for word this background information could be the most time-consuming stuff to get done, and with today's increasing pressure to publish fast you could be torn between getting something out quick without some good-to-know background, or take time to craft it more and miss the boat.

"GAIA Drafting Assistant can help end that dilemma. You get on with higher value things and do what you are best at. I've never met a reporter who thought the best use of their skill and time was the typing bit, and we want it so you can get on with more of the unique stuff.

"What's great for media owners and content teams is that they have a choice of multiple Large Language Models to power their Drafting Assistant - they are not tied to one model or provider, and their content is not growing someone else's dataset. That's a fundamental capability every user can be reassured by."

Glide CEO Denis Haman commented: "Another win for the GAIA team who are focused on making media and publisher lives easier every day. 

"While everyone is talking about AI, the GAIA team and everyone else at GPP are getting on with using it to help content people and content businesses do more and build value today - not in a year. 

"I've always said we cannot be satisfied with 'just' being a fantastic SaaS headless CMS, itself a step forward for the industry. We are the only one delivering things for all our customers at this pace and frequency and we'll keep at it - publishers are at war to stay in business and we are in the trenches with them.

"I know what's on the horizon and there's never been a more exciting time to see how GPP makes the impossible possible. Like everything else in GPP, every customer gets access with no more strain than deciding to turn it on in GPP's Settings. 

"They pushed us to innovate, and they get the benefits. That's how we do it at GPP."


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