Content Aware media news: April 13, 2023

Published: 14 April 2023

The new website launched on Glide Publishing Platform and immediately delivered improved results

HELLO! launch success, Chicago dive bars, and Chief Vitalstatistix - all in April 13 Content Aware media news highlights.

HELLO! flies out of the traps on new Glide-powered site
Yes, we try to keep obvious GPP news to a minimum, but we can't ignore the stunning launch of the new HELLO! site last week. Aside from looking fantastic and giving readers tons more, the tech and click-through metrics are what's giving us so much to celebrate on their behalf: commercial uplift is ultimately what every new launch is aiming for. Congratulations to all involved.

Corbidge comments... on the trust space Big Tech and big fear is creating for publishers
Having seen many a publishing industry panic come and go, our Newsroom Nostradamus looks at the opportunities a generalised distrust and - dare we say it - boredom of the next technological big thing are handing to publishers, a truly people-first industry.

Your blue ticks disappear in a few days - do you care?
Journalists with blue ticks will see them disappear soon. As the power of the bird wanes for publishers, will you be exiting stage left or sticking with the buffeted social platform?

Italy lays out AI readmittance terms
After Italy banned ChatGPT et al for personal data breaches, other territories posed similar questions. Italy has now laid out some steps AI models can take to be readmitted to legal acceptance there - insight into what other countries are likely to insist on too.

"A journalist walked into a bar..."
A fun read about an undercover reporting project conducted in Chicago in the 1970s by Sun-Times journalists who surely had to submit one of the most unusual expense claims ever: "Purchase of an abandoned bar and inventory."

Queen of the Interviews, interviewed
Lynn Barber, arguably the pioneer of modern celebrity interviewing, is on the other end of the questions from UKPG's William Turvill. What's the secret to eking gems from reluctant stars? Something like: have a cig, have some wine, and be blunt!

Bard to tears
Google loves to have publishers jump through hoops following its rules for good SEO rankings. It's a shame its cyber-Shakespeare Bard AI doesn't follow rules quite as well.

Once, twice, three times a maybe
Spend rather too much time linking multiple times to the same URL in an article because someone once told a friend of a friend it was worthwhile? Turns out it might be a complete waste of time.

No cancellation, no cover
Subscription and membership cancellation policies are under the legislative microscope with the intention that you can cancel a sub as easily as taking one out. But another factor may hurtle an update to corporate cancellation policies even faster: insurance companies refusal to cover them if they are needlessly complex.

Reputation-based new news sharer
"[These] protections should help prevent the platform from devolving into a toxic cesspool like other prominent news sharing apps...". Instagram founders reveal their new news-sharing app, Artifact.