Content Aware media news: August 18, 2022

Published: 19 August 2022

Many subscribers rarely login to sites they have paid for

Gannett's zombie plan, travelling brands, and reader feedback - all in this week's Content Aware media highlights.

How Gannett reanimated its zombies
Like many publishers, Gannett was seeing many of its readers fail to login despite having paid subscriptions. Here's insight into how they re-ignited their interest - a massive booster to resubscription rates.

Corbidge comments... on Transatlantic forays by publishers
Writing for those abroad is a particular challenge. You can optimize for readability and use your judgment to add color, but will the locals like the flavor versus their standard fare?

From "no comment" to "join the community!"
A good overview of the shifting sands of comment boards, forums, and communities, and the way publishers are re-engaging with their audiences.

Google can't defame you in Australia
At least, not based on displaying search results of publishers' content. To us it does raise the question of responsibility should a libel be accidentally created by one of the many AI-based news article summarisers - which compress articles to their salient facts and strip out much background and colour.

A history of non-silence
James Evelegh, media guru and editor of industry title InPublishing, has written a very enticing review of the current 'Breaking the News' exhibition at the British Library - definitely worth a diary slot if you are in London this weekend.

The fine line between journalism and activism
A talk about balance and objectivity in subjects that are arguably by their nature highly deserving of both public attention and civic response.

PPA's ABCs of the DMU
The UK's PPA has created a handy technobabble-free guide to what the country's new Digital Markets Unit will actually be tasked with and responsible for, with an eye to its relevance to publishers. Worth a browse by readers around the world, as it is is being eyed by other regulators as a model perhaps to copy.

Reminder: get your BJA nominations in
Don't leave it late to make your entries to the British Journalism Awards, one of the better and more ennobling of the pre-Christmas industry bashes.

Thanks to all for the tips and recommendations!