Content Aware media news: March 2, 2023

Published: 03 March 2023

Canada vs Google battle highlighted in National Post article

Broadsheet vs tabloid quality, Racing Post launches, and AI bank robbers - all in March 3 Content Aware media news highlights.

Racing Post site launches on Glide
If you still struggle to get your head around headless CMS, the launch of the Racing Post website on GPP is a textbook example of headless tech being used to power a host of separate and different products and channels from one place. Going digital first on Glide has allowed the sports and data publisher to retire four CMS and massively optimise their content production and tech spend. Congrats to all involved!

Corbidge comments on... writing tight is a difficult business
As Google doubles down on its claims that only it can be trusted to 'surface' good content, our man with the neverending inkpot reminds us that writing more information in less space is one of the hardest journalistic skills there is. So does anyone think Google rates a 600-word story despatched in just 300 as having twice the quality? Based on Google's recommendations, is there a future for sharp pens?

AI fools bank voice security
Maybe AI will let you answer phone calls and take part in meetings without interrupting your day. But it might just be used to pass security checks on your own bank account too.

The power of Core Web Vitals
Missouri University wanted to see just how much impact there is for sites by 'simply' adhering to Core Web Vitals standards. The answer: a lot!

A Canadian responds
Canada is turning into one of Google's most fraught battlegrounds. A Canadian writes, in the wake of Google's decision to turn news off for some in the country.

FT's new AI portfolio
Does your publishing organisation have an AI correspondent, desk, or editor?

Neither God nor AI
Will you invest in AI-created content if you cannot copyright any of it? This US Copyright Office letter explains in dry but fascinating detail why neither Divine Beings nor AI are going to get copyright protection anytime soon. Aside from the specific case detailed - which drew their attention after social media posts pointed out the use of AI by the author - in a wider view the ruling handily outlines the general principles against which AI authorship will be tested in the future.

Making your own ads? Google AI will help
Google just rolled out two new services to improve the impact of your homegrown online search ads: one which writes better copy and can create assets to use, and another which lets you target customers more accurately. Both drive better ad responses, Google says.

Signal signals UK exit
It's not the biggest tech or comms platform, but Signal's assertion that it will cease UK operations if aspects of the country's mooted Online Safety Bill make it to law is surely just an indicator of what others are thinking. How can a service claim end-to-end encryption security when it has to allow it to be broken?

Plot your own spy balloon
Taking an interest in the sky and wondering where that balloon you can see at 60,000ft has come from? Quick, before it gets shot down use this handy tool to plot the course of your own and other balloons based on real weather patterns.