Content Aware media news: November 3, 2022

Published: 04 November 2022

A squirrel vs a newspaper... who wins?

The value of content, EU tech reform, and Wales v Musk - all in this week's Content Aware media news highlights.

Corbidge comments… on the value of what you read
Capturing an audience’s attention is the secret to capturing their loyalty, and getting value from what you give to them – directly or otherwise. As we at GPP say, it’s not content until it’s read… but how do you measure value to a reader? Robert investigates.

EU set to start the stopwatch on Big Tech reform

It kicked in this week, but regulating the power of platforms through the EU’s new Digital Market Act will have effects far beyond that of the bloc’s 400 million citizens - and it is clear it is not minded to tolerate delay or excuses. Expect all the US giants to be on the "gatekeeper" list.

Do No Evil
It started out with the best of intentions to democratise information, but as we have pointed out before the sheer size and market dominance of Google means it finds itself almost impossibly compromised compared to its early goal to ‘do no evil’. It demands extraordinary vigilance by its leaders.

Do believe the Hypertext
The HTTP archive is an amazing resource for those who wish to understand how the web is built and how it is evolving.

Wales versus Musk?
Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales has said a new version of ‘non-toxic social network’ is coming, as he (and others) thinks of alternatives to Twitter. He does have a better idea about bias and neutrality on the net than most.

Trust accountable journalists
Whatever publishing sector we are in, the accountability and trust that our journalists have are the long term weapon against low quality information and manipulation.

Corporate Memphis
The art style that Big Tech companies use, you know, the faintly dehumanising-but-trying-to-look-friendly one? It's got a name and a Wiki entry.

Text to video reality
There are still obvious issues, but the work on advancing this technology is impressive.

Edible robots
Give a fish to a starving drone for a day and he'll eat it, or something like that.

WSJ vs a squirrel.. who won?
There’s only one way to find out… So who did win the most important battle of the week?
There’s only one way to find out…

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