Content Aware media news: October 27, 2022

Published: 28 October 2022

Stack Overflow CEO talks

B2B learnings, and Stack Overflow and Semafor bosses talk - all in this week's Content Aware media news highlights.

Corbidge comments... 
B2B publishers might often be shaded by the major consumer brands in public consciousness, but they have a vast amount to teach their consumer-focused brethren.

Facebook's Canadian brinkmanship
As it was in Australia, so it is in Canada: Facebook is threatening to suspend services in Canada if it is forced to make payments to Canadian publishers for content. We can foresee inherent problems in such content compensation laws reinforcing the media status quo unfairly. That, however, is not why Facebook is behaving the way it is.

Graviton: better for you, better for all of us
Glide customers might have heard the word 'Graviton' used a lot in recent weeks. Why so? Is it a new Transformer the kids will want for Christmas? No, better than that - iit's a technical upgrade to the hardware helping your GPP to help you, and it's better for the environment and your wallet too. Read more here.

When a forum becomes a knowledge base
Stack Overflow is the tech community with 100m monthly users famed for its tech Q&A forums. This expansive interview with CEO Prashanth Chandrasekar  touches on everything from the unique challenges of moderating tech discussions, why moderators do it for free, and how his own experience with the site shaped his understanding of it.

Twitter is a publisher too
As the latest internal data shows Twitter losing its most active users, the social platform's potential new owner Elon Musk appears to reveal his opinion that it is in fact a publisher. When will the duck test be properly applied to all such platforms that, well, publish? Still, he does imply that local news will get some attention under his watch. He promises many things of course.

Big pile of streaming truth
Apple Music pays three times more than Spotify to original artists. Spotify is a bigger platform and has more features. Successful musician L.Dre explains earning a living online from his point of view.

Sema-forthright views
Innovation in US news publishing is an undeniable trend, with new entrants gaining ground even as established brands also thrive. The same cannot be said so resolutely about the eastern side of the Atlantic, and why is a good question. Here's a pretty candid interview with Semafor co-founder Ben Smith. We only share it because they need the publicity...

“Giving everyone the ability to generate Picassos is worth very little”
An interesting view from an industry insider on the uses of generative AI and Machine Learning and what people are getting wrong about the uses of such tech.

Things we learned
Ever wondered what the technical name is for the "How do I explain why this story is relevant?" paragraph?

Well, it is Halloween…
If you like pumpkins at this time of the year, chances are you like 'em big. Like an information superhighway blast straight from 1999 or thereabouts, here's the premier global resource for those interested in growing record pumpkins.

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