Glide for Technology Teams

Free yourself from the cycle of onboarding, building, bespoking, and maintaining CMS. Glide lowers Total Cost of Ownership, speeds development, and removes tech blockers from projects and operations.

Glide removes technical debt and clears development tracks by letting your engineers focus on things that drive your business forward. Glide is built to solve publishing tech team problems and separate conflicting needs.

  • Significantly cut CMS costs and free up resources
  • Deliver complex solutions at pace and focus on your customers
  • Reduce business risk: GPP is built for publishing excellence and content people
  • Reliability Engineered: data integrity, scalability, upgrades, stability
  • Be a publishing business, not a CMS troubleshooting business
"It's from our CMS team..."

Reduce TCO. Reduce risk. Reduce noise.

Modern publishing is as fast as the news cycle, demanding new launches and strategies to suit the changing needs of audiences. GPP is built for the era of now and ends the inherent conflict of custom CMS implementations.

Glide frees developers to do more on the things that create value

  • Remove CMS concerns from technical decisions
  • Build product features faster with less risk and spend
  • A fully-featured system designed for editorial excellence and efficiency
  • Customise in safety without worrying about becoming unsupportable
  • Migrate content efficiently and reliably

Tech teams benefit from Glide Publishing Power

Reduce technical risk and overall costs

GPP make huge savings in technical and development costs and significantly boost ROI, freeing you from the dead weight of old-style CMS implementations. GPP is tailored for today's publishing demands and gives content teams their dream toolset while freeing developers to create the custom outcomes the business needs. GPP separates concerns so you can make better headway.

Content done right, and more of it

GPP supercharges content output by freeing editorial teams from production tasks and workarounds - they can do more of what they are great at and content comes marked consistently every time. The platform is trusted to match modern tech team practices and methods, and scales reliably without breaking a sweat.

Move faster and build more

Build what makes you unique, without having to reinvent the wheel each time you make changes. Product development can be separated from day-to-day concerns and come at a fraction of the cost. GPP AWS-hosted private clouds can be ready in minutes, always geared up to work best for publishing.

Tech teams and developers can do more

Glide is created for publishing and content-led businesses to do much more with less. Our mission is to cut costs and give you speed and space to adapt to the changing needs of audiences quicker and with less hassle.

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Lightning fast turnaround and making content go much further gives you time to make more. GPP gives you the impact of a bigger team, and makes your people happier as it's built for them.

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Supercharge new product development safe in the knowledge MVPs can move to full production without issue. Glide scales from boutique to enterprise, and dev is much easier.

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Content is expensive, so use the same tools as major publishers to make it do more and really own your audience data and voice. GPP gives you better outcomes and gets you better ROI.