Finally, a SaaS content platform for publishers. Stop wasting money keeping zombie CMS alive, and use it to drive revenue and grow audiences.
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Glide Publishing Platform for Technology Teams

Forever battling costly back-end tech misery to deliver the product improvements your business demands? Spending more time patching than developing, firefighting than future-gazing? Then Glide will put a smile on your face.

Glide frees technology teams to work on the things which make you truly unique and grow value. No need to get bogged down ‘solving’ old CMS problems again and again, pitting team against team and tech against tech. 

A true cloud-native platform, Glide ends your grind on the CMS treadmill. Focus on your real engineering challenges knowing you have both the ultimate publishing platform and the power of AWS in your corner.

  • Cloud Native
  • Robust, scalable, flexible
  • API driven
  • Headless CMS or used as a hybrid-CMS
  • Feature rich, prioritising publishers and creating content at scale
  • Cuts friction between teams to give them what they need
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Build value

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Born in the cloud
Cloud native means GPP is engineered to give you all the advantages of the cloud instantly, which means that world-leading stability, scalability, and flexibility become yours to build on from day one. Free yourself of the burden of updates, maintenance, security, and support, and let us sweat the boring stuff so you can do the cool stuff.
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Reduce technical risk and costs
GPP frees you from the dead weight of old-style CMS implementations, realising huge savings in cost and time. It’s tailored for the demands of publishing and quick ROI, freeing developers to create value-driven outcomes in a fraction of the time. Editors get their dream toolset, while you can separate the technical concerns to make better decisions.
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Move faster and build more
Build the new and unique things which define you and your business demands without having to delay progress to re-hammer a CMS into shape each time. Split new product streams from day-to-day operations and build new things at a fraction of the cost. Managed private clouds can be ready in minutes, always geared up to work best for publishing.


The system for every publisher team

Glide finally gives the different teams in publishing and content businesses equal power to do more with less. SaaS power and agility means that, unlike old-style CMS, every user wins. Editors, developers, product teams and marketeers rejoice!

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A CMS-busting cloud platform for editors and creators to do more. Cuts tasks and duplication and gives fingertip control over where content goes and how it looks. Less production, more creation.

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Supercharge your new product development. GPP flexibility means POCs are quick to make and MVPs can move to full production with ease. Boutique speed meets enterprise power.

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Content needs the best tools to get the best results - so use the same tools as major publishers to own your audience data and voice. Stop speaking to the void, start owning the conversation.