Glide's GAIA Preflight for writers and editors to publish better and more accurately

By: Glide Press Office, 14 November 2023

GAIA Preflight AI Assistant to help writers and publishers

Ever wondered if your articles are lacking that little bit of... something? Short on a bit of je ne sais quoi? GAIA Preflight, the latest AI tool within GPP, can tell you what it is.

If you ever have a nagging doubt that an article truly has everything it needs to tell readers what they want to know - or what search engines would want to discover - GAIA Preflight can save your blushes.

The latest iteration of Glide Artificial Intelligence Assistant, GAIA Preflight can scan articles during their creation to give them a thumbs up for everything they need to slip by even the most eagle-eyed sub-editor, and ensure it's not missing any of the key elements which make for a good news article.

While you or your team are assembling and writing pieces, behind the scenes Preflight is ready to give articles a once over to make sure nothing is missing: just hit the Preflight button to learn what could be improved. 

Have you done enough on where the events took place? What was the timeframe the events occurred in? And what about the key players involved? Preflight will check for you. and a host of other attributes. All green lights? Success!

As speed-to-publish becomes even more vital in a market dominated by the ability to deliver content to search engines quickly, Preflight can prevent natural oversights which force content to be sent back or require it to be republished with added information.

Glide CPO Richard Fairbairn explained: "The more we see distributed teams, writing on the move, and shortened workflows as publishers look for an edge, the more writers and editors can benefit from things like Preflight to give a helping hand.

"When I and colleagues at GPP formerly in the press were writing, we sat in big rooms with the luxury of large sub-editor teams and colleagues sat beside us to run ideas and drafts past. If we missed something it was flagged up - possibly with a sarcastic comment in red ink. 

"Preflight won't slap a print-out on your desk with '50% less rubbish please' scrawled on it, but it will help fill the gap of uncertainty before it gets sent to editors, or even worse, to readers.

"Just as importantly, Preflight lets teams collaborate across workflows and timescales, with instant insight to whoever receives content just what it might be missing to make it good to go. Less relying on the availability of the writer to check with, or you having the time to assess if every key facet is in place in a piece you are coming to cold."

Like other GAIA features such as Article Summary and Drafting Assistant, Preflight is backed by a choice of LLMs so publishers are not tied to one model, and nor do they need worry about their data being sent to bolster AIs.

Glide CEO Denis Haman said: "I have seen first-hand at newspapers and publishers how small omissions can slip through even the tightest net - the most human thing is to err and entire processes in newsrooms are dedicated to prevent it. Preflight can keep those omissions to a minimum and speed things along when you are counting the seconds.

"I'm pleased at how the Glide team are taking this technology direct to content teams to make lives better - it's not some ethereal concept that sits in a cloud of ideas. Article Summary and Drafting Assistant are already in user hands, and testing with Preflight has been brilliant - they really help. 

"That's the use of AI we all want to see more of - handy and helpful, and doesn't need users to do any dev or integration work - and as you'd expect there is much more to come."


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