GAIA Translate expands the set of GenAI tools already available in Glide Publishing Platform

By: Glide Press Office, 30 November 2023

GAIA Translate debuts in Glide Publishing Platform

Reach new audiences and take your brands farther via multilingual publishing, quicker and needing less investment using GAIA Translate.

The latest addition to the GAIA suite of AI tools for writers and publishers helps those with international ambitions to grow their footprint - and inspires a new focus on additional territories for content operations which previously considered such a venture out of reach.

GAIA Translate brings new power to the extensive international publishing features already found in Glide - internationalisation, localisation, multi-edition control and more. All of these can be controlled from a single place.

Now the final piece of the jigsaw lets editors select existing articles and content within GPP to transform into new target languages, all within the same interface. No cumbersome 3rd party services, no plugins, no faff.

Glide CPO Richard Fairbairn said: "International publishing can be such a complex question that many publishers are put off from trying it. GPP and the extra power of GAIA Translate can cut weeks from the roll-out of lingual sites, as well as hugely speed day-to-day workflows.

"Going international is not just a question of Language A into Language B. The sites typically end up being separate entities in separate CMS, and that's not even touching on the cost and complexity of translating the content and getting it into the different CMS each time you choose a new territory. For a versioned edition of a breaking news story, it's a stuck handbrake.

"We focused on easing the problems around domains, site setup, shared or unique content, how pages are structured for different audiences, and keeping content versions inside the same platform, and customer after customer would dream out loud, 'If only we could also translate it in place!'. Well, now they can, with a single click."

Glide CEO Denis Haman said: "Even basic analytics data shows countless publishers potential new growth around the world, but questions around the cost and time of serving new audiences often stifle the ability to experiment.

"GPP already helps publishers clear many of those hurdles. Now GAIA Translate brings added power to existing teams to send their content to new places. We keep space for local writers to edit and approve versions, as it should be, but can take 90% of the time and a lot of cost out of the process.

"I think it's another great example of how GAIA's power to drive AI Transformation Programmes and let publishers get on with things quicker."


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