Glide Blueprint: The most powerful end to end platform for publishers

By: Glide Press Office, 11 January 2024

Glide Publishing Platform is pleased to unveil its new service Glide Blueprint

Glide Blueprint combines essential tools and features vital to modern media businesses under a single offering, simplifying the entire process.

Glide Publishing Platform is excited to today announce the launch of Glide Blueprint, a pre-configured deployment of Glide's headless CMS complemented by a matching front-end application. 

Blueprint supercharges the business aspirations of mid-sized publishers and those looking to move fast and innovate in the media space.

Denis Haman, CEO of Glide, explained: "Enormous numbers of publishers are doing amazing content and running fantastic businesses. At the same time for many, investing in tech development teams, product management, platform integrations, and everything else that the biggest publishers can provision for, is a step too far in both cost and time. 

"We have been asked repeatedly to provide a Glide-to-Go offering and I am delighted that the the Glide team has responded with Blueprint - a blueprint to success.

"In essence, many publishers want to simply add the content and get going, knowing that all the typical functionality - and more - is already there without them needing to define it or build it themselves. That's what Blueprint does."

Blueprint is not a halfway house: it continues to give full access to all core Glide features, including AI assistant GAIA, Live Reporting, Verify for content gating, Custom Data, and all other editorial tools. Nothing is hidden away or diminished in capability. 

Any new features joining the core service will be included too, so Blueprint users get the same future-proofing as other platform users. Additionally, Blueprint customers can still decide to expand it further in their own time, just like other users.

Haman continued: "Blueprint lets users to get going much quicker and more cost-effectively. I already know how well the Blueprint model works as we have been working with select clients to hone its offering. It's very exciting to now be able to unveil it officially to every site owner who wants to punch at the highest level.

"Our partner network is super excited about this development as it gives them a great platform to engage a wider market."

Glide CPO Richard Fairbairn said: "I love Blueprint as it's exactly the kind of thing site owners dreamed about when they first started getting into digital in a serious way. It combines the power and flexibility of what the platform does, with the expertise and standards of the Glide Professional Services team and their decades of expertise. Turn it on, get writing. Happy users, happy audiences."


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About Glide Publishing Platform

Glide is a low-code cloud-native API-driven headless CMS powered by Artificial Intelligence which removes the need for publishers to spend time and budget on publishing technology, to better focus on generating revenue and engagement.

As a Software as a Service (SaaS), Glide provides unbeatable scalability, robustness, and availability, featuring the backup enterprises need such as self-healing infrastructure, alerts, monitoring, and round-the-clock support.

Glide features GAIA, an AI assistant which help content creators and publishers accelerate content turnaround and strip time and cost out of the process of getting content published.

The Glide platform features as standard a vast array of useful newsroom and content tools, such as Live Reporting, Digital Asset Management, and automatic SEO, all improving content output, speeding workflows, and accelerating the pace of new launches and product development. 

Glide is also available via the AWS Marketplace.