More new LLMs push GAIA towards being the most wide-ranging CMS AI in the world

By: Glide Press Office, 14 December 2023

7 new LLMs in GAIA

A raft of new Large Language Models raises the number available to Glide's AI Assistant to 14 - giving vast range of utility and flexibility to publishers.

With a hat-tip to the famous Carling Lager advertising campaign, we're happy to announce the introduction of six new Large Language Models and one new image generation model into Glide's AI Assistant GAIA. 

They include new models from Cohere, Amazon Titan, Anthropic, and Llama, and raise the number available within the platform to GPP users to 14 including two image generation models. 

We think it makes it the widest range offered by any CMS in the world - all safely integrated so you don't have to wrestle with the "who's hoarding my data?" question.

Glide CPO Rich Fairbairn said: "A wider range of LLMs means publishers who get their teeth into using different models have a greater range of options to work with. 

"There is so much talk about using this LLM or that LLM and the assumption you have to bet the house on only one. We think publishers should have the widest choice possible to use safely and without the fear of their data being scooped up by 'Big AI' to train their models. 

"AI should be at your service, not the other way around and with GPP it is."


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