GAIA Voice: Create audio versions of articles instantly for new channels and new audiences

By: Glide Press Office, 12 March 2024

GAIA Voice Glide AI Assistant now does voice

GAIA Voice adds to the range of safe AI features in Glide which speed up content production and take time-consuming things off your hands.

Glide Publishing Platform is excited to announce today the latest addition to its suite of Glide AI Assistant capabilities, GAIA Voice, which auto-creates audio versions of articles for placing on website pages, in apps, or to be used elsewhere.

Like other GAIA features and capabilities, there is no developer hassle or bespoke integration necessary - you just activate the feature in settings and start using it.

It gives content and product teams who are eager to offer a wider range of options to their audiences a leap forward in the provision of audio. 

Glide CPO Richard Fairbairn said: "Thanks to being part of a beta programme with AWS, we've been able to A/B test on real content to see what effect audio presentation of articles has. It's a good old double-whammy of upside: engagement rises, and accessibility improves.

"Because Glide is a headless CMS, it means publishers and content teams can present audio files alongside the original written text, or choose to extract it and serve audio in separate articles, playlists, or other channels.

"Let's say you want to pull all sorts of articles together by topic or interest and create an audio playlist, now you can do it easily with no struggle to integrate some bespoke magic beans or worry about who got your data. Like everything GAIA, your data is safe.

"So much content is now consumed on the move by listeners that audio-from-article gives a new option to be part of your audience's day even if they don't have the chance to sit down and read."

GAIA Voice joins a growing list of other AI-assisted features already in Glide Publishing Platform, which allow choice from 15 Large Language and Image Models, and keep your data out of training sets:

Translate: Create new versions of articles in 75 different languages to massively reduce the time to serve multilingual audiences.

Drafting Assistant: An in-interface editorial legwork helper that helps dispatch time-consuming tasks during the story-writing phase. 

Summaries: One-click summaries of articles. A proven boost to engagement and new audiences.

Preflight: A pre-publishing quality checker that lets you know if an article can be improved prior to publishing.

Image generation: Cut image search times by making your own. 


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