Content Aware media news: November 16, 2023

Published: 17 November 2023

GAIA Preflight AI Assistant to help writers and publishers

New GAIA features, the value of content in numbers, and the return of human search engines - all in this week's Content Aware.

AI for show, or AI for go? 
GAIA, our AI Assistant for writers and content teams, has grown two new weapons for GPP users: Drafting Assistant and Preflight.

Drafting Assistant is like a polite and constructive version of the brooding chief sub who sends rude messages when you forget something important, while Drafting Assistant is your happy helper trying to end unplanned late nights by doing your legwork for you - it doesn't make tea though.

GAIA = ready to go, ready to use, no integrations or bespoking necessary; just turn it on. Drop us a line to know more.


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That's with a 'B'
Is it possible to put a number on what Facebook and Google owe publishers for content use? Sounds impossible, but a group of academics has tried: up to $13.9 billion per year in the US alone. The report's PDF download is not paywalled or requiring a sign-in so have at it.

The return of the human search engine
Google search is asking you to do its job for it. Does that mean it doesn't trust its own results, or it's finally realised that humans can be pretty useful in the task of learning things? Our investigator in chief Rob takes a look at Google Notes.

What, more disruption on the way?
The problem with Google reeling from pillar to post with initiative after initiative in response to the threat of AI and revenue shortfalls is that a tiny change for Google means an entire shift of direction for possibly countless businesses at great cost each time. AMP anyone? Anyway, more enforced change sounds imminent... brace your dev budgets and say a prayer they don't can the initiative within a year or two.

Magazines dealt a blow by Google
Readers who get their magazine fix via Google News or Discover are going to be cut off from their subs, Google says. Refunds will follow where appropriate, but it's a bit of a kick in the teeth for users and mag makers.

It's all about the headline, stupid
What headlines actually work best? SEO heads and editorial heavy hitters lift the lid on what brings in the clicks for all sorts of content types. You must read this...

Snap to it
Snapchat Discover is becoming an effective and lucrative way to reach new audiences in a place few publishers have taken that seriously as an outlet. Here's what you need to know, such as the 50% ad revenue share.

Your rules don't apply to us!
Meta and TikTok kick-off legal actions in (checks notes...) Luxembourg, presuming it to be soft touch for a ruling that they hope will get them out of being somewhat responsible for what they show to their users under the new EU Digital Markets Act.

Adwords as security threat
Turns out SPECTRE doesn't need to hack your emails or plant a bug on your phone - they can just analyse what adverts are shown to you. Sounds a bit chin-scratchy and remote, but if data rules for ads are zipped up tighter than a drumskin you can foresee slower and less effective ad auctions.

Shaping traffic for cookieless could backfire
Adding to the possible headaches for ad ops teams is the s-l-o-w march towards cookieless, which depending on your point of view will cause renewed turbulence and lost learnings, or be a golden opportunity for publishers to reassert themselves in revenue conversations.